Modern Dating

At this point, you have probably been dating for a while and primarily use the apps on your quest to find love. Although they seem like the best way to find partnership, there is an unescapable pattern that haunts you. You may be pondering the following questions:

  • Why do I constantly attract emotionally unavailable suitors?
  • Why do I keep attracting suitors that are avoidant and play games?
  • Why do things seem great at first and then go south unexpectedly?

Before I answer these questions, let’s explore the pattern that causes pain and frustration. You match with someone on the apps and talk with them for a bit. You then decide to meet IRL and end up having an awesome time together. The person appears charming, interesting, eager, and charismatic. You feel the fireworks and butterflies in your stomach. The attraction is strong and you begin spending more time together. You are so excited that the connection is strengthening. Suddenly out of nowhere, they become cold, distant, aloof, or even unresponsive. You’re incredibly confused because everything was going well and now you have no idea what happened. You begin to question yourself and attempt to figure out what caused this shift.

Sadly, the pattern outlined above continues to happen with different people and you don’t know how to change the outcome. You obviously want to attract emotionally available people yet can’t seem to stop this dysfunctional cycle. Luckily, I am here to help you end this dating cycle and give you the therapeutic skills to change this defective pattern forever.

You may feel skeptical, yet it is certainly possible to attract suitors that show up wholeheartedly and meet your most important needs. I will help you learn how to recognize the red flags, set boundaries, attract healthy suitors, and create a beautiful partnership.

I don’t want you to waste any more of your precious time as dating in general is exhausting. I utilize the following modalities to help you change dysfunctional dating/relationship patterns:

  • Adult Attachment Theory
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Mindfulness Practice

I am eager to give you practical and proven skills that will help provide clarity, empowerment, and decrease dating dissatisfaction along the way. These tools will allow you to start consistently getting more of what you need and deserve. I will customize my approach and techniques to best suit your needs and you can quickly apply these tools while dating.

My passion is helping people feel empowered in dating versus defeated. Take the next step and call for your free initial phone consultation. It is time to start your journey to secure lasting love.

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