Courageous Paths Counseling in Colorado & Illinois

You deserve to flourish in work, school, relationships, and life. I help teens and millennials who are struggling to swiftly reclaim purpose and make impactful change.

It may not be your fault if you are feeling lost, excessive stress, or choice-overload. Most teens and millennials have not been given useful skills to effectively deal with the stressors and demands of the modern world. I will help you gain the skills necessary to thrive using my extensive clinical experience and expertise as a professional counselor. I specialize in acceptance commitment therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, adult attachment theory, exposure response prevention (ERP), and mindfulness practice

Please visit my specialties and approach pages to learn more about how I can quickly help you. I truly look forward to being part of your courageous path to change.

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Suffering From


If you are experiencing ongoing excessive worry, nervousness, or uneasiness and it negatively impacts your ability to fully thrive, it may be beneficial to seek out counseling. Learn More.

Battling With


It is crucial to talk about depressive symptoms with a professional to begin learning tools to flourish. I can help you feel relief quickly and start conquering life the way you envisioned. Learn More.

Sick and Tired
of Dating?


Attract suitors that show up wholeheartedly and meet your most important needs. Learn how to recognize the red flags, set boundaries, and create a beautiful partnership. Learn More.

Struggling with


You may not realize that your obsessions or compulsions are excessive, but they can interfere with overall functioning. OCD may impact your social or work life and interfere with your relationships. Learn More.

Meet Paulina Siegel, LCSW, CAS

You’re the reason I do what I do. I am captivated by your possibilities and your willingness to evolve, change and work towards creating a life that empowers you. My mission is helping teens and millennials learn how to sustain a life filled with authenticity, purpose, clear direction, and courage.

I will help you gain greater awareness internally and get you connected to precise values that give your life meaning. I am eager to share specific tools with you that will help you discover who you want to be and what you want your life to be about.