Speaking Engagements

It is such a gift for me to be able to deliver impactful content that drives meaningful outcomes across the United States. I am privileged to be able to share life-changing information that uniquely serves various organizations, agencies and companies. My expertise is in generational research specifically focusing on Gen-Z and Millennials and how we can help these two generations to thrive systemically. Additionally, I specialize in how to effectively cope with the psychological and emotional impact of pandemics and recently launched a 1.5 hour virtual training that helps employees in organizations to better cope with the psychological/emotional impact of COVID-19 using techniques from Acceptance Commitment Therapy. This training allows employees to feel that their company invests in their mental health and overall well-being while providing tangible skills to learn how to better adapt to pandemic challenges related to work. Lastly, I enjoy spreading the gift of mindfulness practice through tailored trainings that are customized to best meet organizational needs. I feel honored to have spoken at the following companies:

the Elliot Group logo
Wellness Your Way Festival
Adolescent and Young Adult Collective
Denver Women's Recovery
Hebrew Educational Alliance
JEWISH Colorado
Red Rock Recovery Center
Temple Emanuel
Winter Symposium
Alpha Phi
Sandstone Care
Colorado Courts
Medical Center of Aurora
Choice House
Harmony Recovery
Jaywalker Lodge
Advanced Recovery Systems

Rave Reviews

“Paulina is a gifted speaker who is very enlightening. She is personable, passionate, and incredibly knowledgeable about Millennials.”

“Paulina knocks it out of the park! She is a refreshing addition to the usual boring presenters. Innovative, engaging and thoughtful.”

“Paulina is an awesome presenter and the information she shared is extremely useful for my work.”

“Paulina is fascinating and delivers content that will truly make an impact for our mental health and addiction professionals.”

To request a date please contact me directly and I will be in touch immediately to discuss availability.

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